Artist Highlight – 2021 Won Lee Fellowship Recipient, claude wittmann
 A graphic developed by claude wittmann thanking Won Lee and his collaborators on this survival art project. The image includes an autoportrait of claude. The full text of the image is in the post's body text.

claude wittmann was the recipient of the 2021 Won Lee Fellowship. We are please to highlight and support his important work on “survival art”.

The following is an audio description of claude wittmann’s image, described by the artist:



Image description: A digital graphic made by claude in white, black, and red. Black text in the centre says “Dear Won Lee, i thank you and Tangled Art + Disability for the 2021 Won Lee Fellowship. it gave much heart and support to my commitment to “survival art”. it particularly held my collaboration with artists Jacqueline Kok, Serena McCarroll, Leon McCurdy, Susana Meza and John Perera to address the unexpected housing precariousness we discovered in our artists’ community during Being Scene 2021. together, we are preparing demands for the City and we have delivered a proposal to Workman Arts.” Below this, text on a graphic of a house says “Dear Workman Arts, please hire a housing worker.” Red text along the top and right-hand side says “landlords and the City’s housing programs fail us. we can’t make art without the basic exercise of our right to a home.” The above URL is along the bottom. Text along the left-hand side says “selfie by claude wittmann,” next to a therapeutic auto-portrait drawn by claude with both hands, and his eyes closed. It is a sketch of a man in black pen.