Tangled on Tour: London (2017)

IN LONDON: JUNE 14 to JUNE 17, 2017

Presented by Tangled on Tour: an annual series of disability arts events in cities across Ontario.

This year Tangled London presents four days of programming. Including 2 artist talks, a dance workshop, a visual arts exhibition and film screening. Tangled London is happening from June 14-17, 2017. All events are produced and equipped in barrier-free venues, with American Sign Language interpretation, captioning, audio description and attendants. We ask that everyone support a scent-free environment.

Event Listings:
MEDIATIONS Art and Activism Series

Wednesday June 14, 2017
With jes sachse and Lynx Sainte-Marie
Co-presented with London Ontario Media Arts Association
Forest City Gallery, 258 Richmond Street
6:00pm – 9:00pm (Talks begin at 7pm)

MEDIATIONS, presented with LOMAA (London Ontario Media Arts Association) is a series bringing together artists on the forefront of media art and activism to London ON. This iteration is co-presented with Tangled, and features multi-disciplinary artists jes sachse and Lynx Sainte-Marie. Talk begins at 7pm.

Wordless Workshop

Thursday June 15, 2017
With Jenelle Rouse
Forest City Gallery, 258 Richmond Street
6:00pm- 8:00pm

This “wordless” workshop explores how we create a language of movement through dance using emotions and thoughts without use of any signed or spoken languages. It will focus on four elements that are representative of cultural experiences between Deaf and hearing: eyes, hands, ears and mouth.

To register for the workshop please email Christine at [email protected].

Constructed Identities by Persimmon Blackbridge

Exhibition Opening
Friday June 16, 2017
Hassan Law, 142 Dundas Street
7:00pm – 9:00pm

In Constructed Identities, Blackbridge used mixed media wood-carving with found objects to question how disability is framed as a fracturing of ordinary life rather than a normal, expected part of it. Her exploration of the figure begins in disability, but necessarily complicates itself as our embodied identities intersect and overlap.

Film screening: The Documentation of Walter Redinger

Saturday June 17, 2017
By Dennis Siren and Wendy Saby
Museum London, Community Gallery, 421 Ridout Street North
3:00pm – 4:30pm

‘The Documentation of Walter Redinger’ is a very personal two on one exploration of Walter’s creative world. Shot over a number of years, we discuss the origins of his work ‘The Stadium’, fun projects and the how’s and where’s of exhibition. Walter was an inspiring force of nature, who despite having Parkinson’s Disease for more than 23 years forged ahead with drive and determination undaunted by the obstacles before him. My hope with this short film is to show the man behind such iconic work as ‘Ghost Ship’. Come meet my friend Walter Redinger, his art and his music.” – Dennis Siren, Filmmaker

For updates and information, visit our Facebook event page by clicking here.

David Bobier Artist Talk

Saturday June 17, 2017
Museum London, Community Gallery, 421 Ridout Street North
1:00pm – 2:00pm

Bobier will discuss his works in the exhibitions; Sparrow Night and Sounds Assembling on now at Museum London, expanding on perceptions of communication and the exploration of multi-sensory in his accessible art making practices.

All events are produced and equipped in barrier-free venues, with American Sign Language interpretation, captioning, audio description and attendants. We ask that everyone support a scent-free environment.
Contact: [email protected]

Who We Are

Tangled London is a collective focused on expanding the visibility and creation of disability arts in The Forest City and is a branch of Tangled Art + Disability, a Toronto-based arts organization dedicated to showcasing artists across disabilities and across art disciplines. Tangled is entering it’s last year of a three-year touring program, Tangled on Tour, supporting opportunities for various cities across Ontario including; London, Peterborough, Ottawa and Thunder Bay.

This year Tangled London and Tangled Art + Disability will be working together to present a workshop series and a 3-day festival showcasing London-based disability artists along with international artists in live performance, film and visual arts.

The Workshop Web

The Program
Tangled London’s Workshop Web is a workshop series offering accessible and innovative arts opportunities for people who identify as deaf, disabled or mad. These workshops welcome artists, and artists-to-be, to participate, create and share with like-individuals in a safe environment. Workshops will explore gaming, creative writing and moving images and are led by disability artists and cultural leaders from the community. Workshops are free of charge and require no prior arts experience!

Digital Storytelling: An Introduction to Creative Writing and Stop Motion Animation
– April 8 & 9 –
– 1 pm – 5 pm –
– The Bus Stop (MakerBus) 870 Dundas Street East

Video artists and writers Thirza Curhand and Christine Negus will facilitate a creative writing and moving image-making workshop as participants work on texts for short videos and animations.
Interactive Fiction: An Introduction to Game Making Using Twine
– April 29 & 30 –
– 1 pm – 5 pm –
– Forest City Gallery 258 Richmond Street

The game-making and curating duo of Diana Poulsen and Matt Sparling will introduce participants to the basics of game design and programming in order for you to begin to make your very own game (with no previous experience or specialized equipment required). Participants are required to bring a laptop.

For Downloadable PDF, click here.

Who We Are Looking For

Tangled London invites all people with disabilities, deaf people and individuals with mental illnesses, who are interested in expanding their artistic skills to participate. There is no experience required and the goals for this focus around community building and self-expression. Whether you are interested in the arts or looking to connect with new friends in the city, this workshop series is a great way to experiment and have fun.

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