Barriers to Canadian Arts Funding Research Survey

Tangled Art + Disability is researching the barriers to arts funding for Deaf, Disabled, and Mad artists and cultural workers. We are looking for input from artists and cultural workers on experiences with arts funding organizations.

Experiences from all artists and cultural workers are valuable to us, whether you have applied for an arts grant or not, as well as input from non-disabled artists who have applied for arts grants. By gathering a wide range of experiences we will be able to build a better picture of where these access gaps exist. This research will help Tangled and other arts funding organizations identify and address access needs that are not currently being met.

The first stage of this research is a survey you can take online. You can find the survey below. If you prefer, you can take the survey over the phone, or in person in english, ASL or LSQ. If you have any questions, or would like to take it by phone, or in person, please contact: or call us at 647 725 5064.

Once we’ve conducted the first stage of the research, we will begin the next stage. Stay tuned to our newsletter for updates on our research. This Initiative has been made possible with support from the Ontario Arts Council.

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