Statement in Solidarity with Palestine

The text "Tangled Art + Disability Statement in Solidarity with Palestine" in black text on a white circle. The white circle has a green and red border and is centred on a black square.

We want to make space for collective outrage. Outrage at the violence that has been ongoing and continues to be perpetrated by the state of Israel towards the Palestinian people, and outrage at the silence that has been far too commonplace. We want to make space for outrage at how quickly this issue has been silenced.

Following the lead of Sins Invalid, the Autistic People of Color Collective, and the Abolition and Disability Justice Collective, we at Tangled condemn Israel’s recent and historic massacres of Palestinians and its ongoing occupation and settler colonization of Palestine. We denounce the state of Israel’s ongoing colonial violence, supported by Canada, the United States and European governments, against the Palestinian people. We cannot defer to issues being “too complex” or to look at “both sides” in this moment, as it erases the military, economic, media, and global power that Israel has over Palestine. We are talking about the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, the detainment and interrogation of children, the forced removal of Palestinian people from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, and across historic Palestine, as well as the raiding of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. These and other forms of state-sanctioned discrimination and eugenics used to expel Palestinians from their homes, and to remove Palestinian people from their land, are disability justice issues. 

Disability justice must be rooted in the dismantling of white supremacy, racism, and colonialism. The ongoing violence against Palestinians makes clear the need for intersectional disability justice. As Jasbir Puar reminds us, imperialism is always ableist. It uses disability to justify the destruction and debilitation of lives that are considered to be “others.” This is not a matter of partisanship. We must support basic human rights and condemn the apartheid perpetrated against Palestinian people.

We appreciate the work that Toronto Palestine Film Festival has done to compile this resource package, as we continue to learn more about what’s happening in Palestine.