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Tangled Art + Disability is looking for Four (4) actors to take part in the upcoming production of Mad Ones by Laura Burke.

Mad Ones is set in the famous Bedlam (Bethlem) Asylum in London in 1825.  It is the story of Guen, a mad woman, and her lover Tsura, who meet on a ship of fools – a place representing the dangerous yet inspired, liminal space of Guen’s mind. The imaginal setting of the ship is built around the love between Tsura and Guen.  It is juxtaposed with the harsh realities of Bedlam, and Guen’s relationship with Dr. Jack Williams, a well-meaning physician whose privilege and training are at odds with his high ideals for the treatment of asylum inmates. Dr. Williams sets in motion a plan to display Guen’s “recovery” from madness before the hospital review board as a case study which will impact her fate, and that of everyone involved.  In her work with Dr. Williams, Guen must ultimately choose between the psychological freedom to define her own reality, and the practical freedoms of emancipation from Bedlam.

Principal Cast:

Guennie– a mad woman in Bedlam Asylum, circa 1825 – (age 25-40)

She is smart, literate but also gritty, and from the streets. Strong sense of integrity. Her only experiences of love and trust come from her relationship with Tsura.

Tsura– a Romany woman, Guennie’s lover – (age 30-45)

Tsura is loyal and grounded though also very spiritual.  She is incredibly streetwise. She is cautious but has big dreams as well.

Doctor Jack Williams– Bedlam staff mad doctor – (age 25-50)

Jack is idealistic and liberal, influenced by French philosophy of the day.  He is so focused on grand ideas and improving the state of Bedlam that he misses the risks involved with his burgeoning feelings for Guen.

Doctor Archibald Westvale– Bedlam head administrator and physician – (age 40-70)

Westvale is practical, focused on advancement and notoriety and holds very cautious and cynical views about any potential found in Bedlam’s inmates.

Notes on double casting:

The actor who plays Tsura will also play Ginny (the washerwoman – no lines), and the Hospital Review Board Panelist

The actor who plays Dr. Westvale will also play Rupert Burberry (an inmate who is somewhat unwell but also has moments of clarity around his desire for freedom); the voice of Joseph the guard; and various men both alive and dead on the Ship of Fools where Guennie and Tsura meet.


We welcome applications from Canadian Mad, Deaf, & disability identified artists, as well as artists of colour and any gender expression.

(Union/Non-Union under CAEA Indie 2.2 agreement)

If interested in Submitting artists are asked to email a headshot and resume to: [email protected]

Or mail/bring a copy in person to:

Tangled Art + Disability
Attn: Mad Ones Audition
Suite S-122, 401 Richmond Street West
Toronto M5V 3A8


Auditions will be taking place September 15th-16th with callbacks September 18th at Tangled Art + Disability.


November 1st – 17th

Previews & Performances

November 19th – 24th