MIX Media Series

MIX Media Workshops

Desire. War. Court Fools. Speed Dating. All in a weekend of disability media.

September 21st–23rd: Three Days of Screenings, Panels, & Workshops
Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St., Toronto, ON M5B 2H5
Featuring Guest Curators Caglar Kimyoncu & Julie McNamara


Freewheeling glimpses into the rich tapestry of our relations.

Friday, September 21st, 2012 – 7:00-9:00pm


2009, England, 06:55
Dir. Andrew Gibbs

A haunting stop-motion animation about a mother and daughter and their blindness.

Shades of Living

2012, England, 10:13
Dir. Aurora Fearnley

Parents wrapped up in an unhappy marriage forget Theo who takes refuge in the woods nearby. He is an adventurous boy with a fertile imagination. Has he created invisible friends out of his longing for love or attracted something supernatural?

Be My Brother

2008, Australia, 07:00
Dir. Genevieve Clay

A young man’s charm and charisma enchants a stranger at a bus stop. But someone else’s heart is at stake.
A highlight of Other Film Festival (Melbourne).

Patience and Absurdity

2012, Canada, 16:19
by Sylvi MacCormac & Paula Cole

The synchronized interaction of a mother and daughter as they enrich each other’s experiences of a life well lived. Sylvi and Sylvia reveal that anxiety and grief, joy and humorous absurdity sit next to loving patience as they travel through life together.
A highlight of Wide Angle Media Festival (Vancouver)

Shadi in the Beautiful Well

2003, Wales/Denmark/Lebanon 10:35
Dir. Mahdi Fleifel

Shadi lives in a Palestinian refugee camp where he breeds pigeons. One day his white pet dove goes missing — and Shadi sets out on a journey to recapture his prized possession.

All Day

2010, United Kingdom, 11:00
Dir. Nadia Nadarajah

A romantic comedy about two single neighbours looking for love. Each one fancies the other, but neither knows that the other is Deaf. They visit the same locations, each time just missing each other. Will they ever meet?

Finding a Sky

2010, United Kingdom, 18:00
Dir. Ewan Marshall

Alex Bulmer’s tale of a man with Alzheimer’s (John Alderton) who forms an unlikely bond with the new arrival at his stuffy retirement home — a painter who has lost her sight. Together they seek some sort of freedom.

Café Chat

Café Chat
2010, Australia, 09:00

Lots of exciting new faces are speed dating across the table. The risk is that the conversation will lead nowhere at all.

DesirAbility (18+)

The persistence of passion. The power of longing.

September 22nd, 2012 – 7:00-8:30pm
Followed by panel discussion:
Desiring & Desirability, 8:30-9:30pm


2007, Canada, 09:00
Dir. Loree Erickson

An intimate multi-layered documentary exploring the topics of sex and disability from a queer perspective and the discriminatory attitudes towards the sex lives of disabled people. The film contains sexually explicit images and everyday moments showing people with disabilities as not just sexual but sexy.

Vera Cam (Desirability Season)

2003, United Kingdom, 29.00
Dir. Anne Parisio

Part of the BBC’s Desirability Season, this provocative and highly sexual documentary follows the life of Vera, the self-proclaimed “sexy, sassy, witty and infinitely stylish amputee princess of the internet.” From erotic dancer through webcam sensation to art student, Vera’s story is one that constantly combats the voices from within society who want you to think that there is only one way to be beautiful.

Our Compass

2009, Canada, 29:00
Dir. Tess Vo

Dating, sex, battling stigma and coming out – this documentary tells the previously unheard stories of a group of young, queer-identified Torontonians who are also labelled as having intellectual disabilities. This diverse group comes together at Compass – a social group created for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth – where they are offered a support group, a social network, and a safe place to explore their identities.

Art & Life, Life as Art

Exquisite, quirky films translate daily life into art.

September 23rd, 2012 – 7:00-9:00pm

Hang Ups

2012, England, 11:12
Dir. Anton French, with Sophie Partridge & Tina Carter

An Aerialist works with a disabled writer/actor to produce an unusual dance/movement. A third collaborator, a filmmaker, begins to explore his own prejudices about disability. Through art and interview an interesting dimension unfolds between the three participants.


Necessary Games (Necessity)

2009, Australia, 07:59
Dir. Sophie Hyde, with Tuula Roppola

Dancers from Restless Youth Ensemble enchant us in this expressive, hauntingly mysterious and graceful contemporary dance performance.

All the King’s Fools

2012, England, 16:00
Dir. Ann Pugh

In 2011, a company of actors with learning difficulties created performances for Hampton Court Palace based on research into the lives of Tudor fools. All the King’s Fools documents this innovative work.


2008, Canada, 04:30
Dir. Sharon Katz

A woman profiled and rejected as a threat by an airport detection device has only seconds to reverse the machine’s decision. This disquieting socio-political allegory parodies technology adopted by 21st century Western culture desperate to control and contain.
A highlight of Picture This… Film Festival (Calgary)

Beauty School

2012, Canada, 08:00
Dir. Adam Grant Warren

Beauty School is the story of Laurie, a 40-something woman who’s lost sight of what makes her beautiful and is struggling with the question of whether or not to get a “face transplant”. It is also the story of Frank (played by David Roche himself). Frank reminds Laurie that what she needs isn’t a new face – just a new perspective.

All for Claire

2010, England, 07:00
Dir: Simon Mckeown

An animated love story — Lee armed with a beautiful rose, tries to win Claire’s heart. Each time he draws near to handing her the flower he is tried and tested. Will Claire ever accept his red rose?

Beyond the Surface

2011, United Kingdom, 06:30
Dir. Kevin Clifford

Disabled and non-disabled dancers achieve a haunting but beautiful fluidity of movement in this mesmeric piece filmed almost entirely underwater. Inspired by stories of fishermen lost at sea and by The Little Mermaid.

Wake Up in a Dream

2012, United Kingdom, 03:44
Dir. Sergio Cruz

A mesmerising and beautifully surreal dance film devised by Mark Barber about a man caught in a world somewhere between dream and reality, fantasy and memory.

People and Power

2012, England, 04:55
Dir. Lucy Skuce

A compelling and engaging insight into Lucy’s life as she directs and presents to camera her unique vision. She depicts the choices and control she has over the things that occupy her everyday life.


2008, United Kingdom, 12:00
Dir. Liz Carr

Elise is a patient who sweeps an institution for disabled people in Hitler’s Germany. She doesn’t speak but watches everything. Buses of patients leave and return empty. When it’s her turn, Elise knows what’s in store.

Sanity for Beginners

2012, Canada, 10:00
Dir. Jan Derbyshire

Docu-fantasy that playfully ruminates on the idea that psychiatric labelling and the use of prescription drugs to treat illnesses of the mind may be a completely crazy idea.