Cultivating the Underworld: A Lost Story

Embarking on a spiritual search for her lost spirit guide, the narrator brings the audience on a quest to find her spirit and to once and for all be taken to her final resting place.

A New Podplay by Izzy Mackenzie Lay
Featuring photography by Quinto Zimmerman
Original Music Composition by Sonny Bean

Izzy Mackenzie Lay (Writer)
Izzy is the Project Coordinator of Compass, a drop-in group for LGBTQ youth labeled with intellectual disabilities. She is a queer disability activist, feminist writer, poet and performer. Izzy’s interest in social justice organizing through the arts has led to work with organizations such as the R3: Roots Rhythms Resistance Artists’ Collective.

Quinto Zimmerman (Photographer)
Quinto is a queer, gender-fluid dancer, photographer, and activist, whose work is centred around the experiences of queer, disabled urban youth. they are passionate about digital technology and physical access for all, which are paired together in their upcoming blog project, Quinto is an aspiring cat lady.

Sonny Bean (Composer)
Sonny B Storyteller, performer musician, vocalist! Sonny B’s work is interested in the stories we hold in our bodies, the stories we let go of, and the stories we choose to show. B infuses strong jazz vocals with live looping and electro-folk. Their work attempts to challenge assumptions around gender, privilege, and power dynamics.

A black and white photograph of an ancient column on the ground