Abilities Arts Festival 2006

Abilities Arts Festival 2006 held November 1, 2006 was all about children and youth.

Over 600 children, youth, teachers, aides, parents and others from the Greater Toronto Area and beyond attended a full day program of performances that included the mime and humour of Christopher Welsh, music by Jeff Moyer, and story-telling by Afi-Tombe Kambon. Jason Dennis and the Argonauts provided the rousing and engaging music that had everyone singing, dancing, and moving.

“Connecting to Children and Youth” transported all into a world of possibilities. Engagement, listening, participating, smiles and laughter, and enjoyment reigned. From the students to the teachers, parents and the many others who attended, consensus is “Connecting to Children and Youth” was a remarkable day of celebration.

Abilities Arts Festival – A Celebration of Disability Arts and Culture was a four day, event-packed international artistic and cultural event showcasing excellence and the talent, vision and passion of artists with disabilities.
This tremendously successful event attracted several thousand people over the four days with performers, artists and festival audiences alike, enthusiastically commenting on the outstanding caliber of the performances, art, workshop and panel discussions.