The Transformative Experience of Falling In

Sab Meynert
On display from: February 23-April 25
Opening Reception:
Febrary 23, 7-9 pm, opening remarks at 8 pm
Tangled Vitrines: S-30 (basement level), 401 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON

Over the course of 3 years sab’s sketchbook was an intimate exhalation of diaristic navigation, and it is through the vulnerability allowed in a closed-circuit space like a sketchbook, where one can truly be contained and mapped out for all nuances. Approximately 30 drawings chosen from various sketchbooks, document the process of becoming and unbecoming as it relates the instability of mental health when moving through various stages in life. When the viewer encounters these maps of space created to communicate vulnerability, resilience and movement beyond, they are invited to occupy and reinterpret it as needed. This is an intimate display to create an empathetic connection with the intention of healing, to provide visual space of refuge and restitution, away from a place of pain, something new altogether rather than a reaction alone.

In showcasing the process of navigation one is also able to see themselves, to allow the process to change oneself rather than whether the aspirational goal is ever met. The show will feature sculptural work that acts as private anchor points, and two new works that were drawn as a result of this inner work, that have not yet been publicized anywhere, as a tone to set for the unfolding that happens once the process has reached a pressure point in trajectory.

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