To be announced

April 17, 2020, 4 PM at Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Ave)

Tangled Art Gallery S-122, 401 Richmond St. W Toronto


Through the art and science of ‘wonder-working’, Sagatay generates an immersive and participatory call to action to fight for the future of our planet’s well being. Animated through the respective artforms of 4 Indigenous Disabled artists, the 4 Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water meet at a juncture to story ceremony and sacred space for feeling and healing. Tobacco, Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass work to resist the formalities of a gallery, giving way to living tableaus that tie together the 4 elemental installations. In paying homage to the land and the place we call home, we come back to our base teachings of love and respect to show the ‘wonders’ of our environment and the ability each of us has to reshape our future with our own hands.


Jaene F.W Castrillon (Curator and Artist) is a 2spirit film-based multi-disciplinary artist who explores her relationship to the world through various spiritual teachings and the wisdom of the land. As 1st generation settler to Turtle Island, she is a mixed race (indigenous Colombian/Hong Kong Chinese) queer woman of colour living with disabilities (psychiatric/physical/cognitive).

Danielle Hyde (Artist) is a multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist whose work mingles traditional and non-traditional mediums, photography and performance art. A storyteller, Danielle creates stories in different forms to acknowledge we are 4-dimensional beings; connecting through our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirit operating in chorus with the seen and unseen.

Louis Esmé (Artist) practices traditional tattooing, writing, beading, drawing, pottery, and curation. They are a co-founding member of Titiesg Wîcinímintôwak // Bluejays Dancing Together, currently working on Kindling, an Indigenous LGBTQ2S arts research project. Louis is a Mi’kmaq, Acadian, and Irish, non-binary person with multiple disabilities.

Kate Meawasige (Artist) is an Anishnaabe artist from Genaabajing (Serpent River First Nations) self taught artist specializing in beadwork and quillwork. Kate mixes traditional Indigenous art forms with traditional ideas around trauma, healing and harm reduction to create unique spaces for youth to heal.


Tangled Art Gallery is in a barrier-free location. Audio description will be available for the exhibition as well as a guided tour. We will have ASL interpreters, attendant care, and live captioning during public engagements. Service animals are welcome. We request that you help us to make this a scent-free environment.