Home: Body

A photograph of Cindy Baker's face and torso while performing Crash Pad

Home Body: Crash Pad by Cindy Baker

Home: Body

Jessica Leung, Jenelle Rouse & Cindy Baker

About the Exhibition:
Please join Tangled Art + Disability as we present our final exhibition of 2017, Home : Body – a series of live performances featuring Deaf emerging artist Jessica Leung [Vancouver, BC], Deaf dance artist Jenelle Rouse [London, ON], and Performance artist Cindy Baker [Edmonton/Lethbridge, AB]. Each of these artists distinctively shapes space and place through the body. All performances will be held at Tangled Art Gallery.

Jessica will present their work at our Opening Reception on December 7, as well as on the evening of December 8. Jenelle will perform on the evening of December 9. Cindy will present the afternoons of December 14, 15, and the evening of the 16. Cindy will also lead a public engagement in partnership with FADO Performance Art Centre on December 16 in The 401 Commons.

Event Calendar:

Jessica Leung
Jessica Leung is a Deaf, Asian, Taiwanese and Chinese, gender neutral emerging artist of colour currently living as a settler on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded Coast Salish Territories of the Indigenous people of Vancouver, BC.

Jenelle Rouse
Jenelle Rouse is a self-taught Deaf artist working in movement and dance, passionately living her dream as a kindergarten teacher in London, Ontario. In 2006, she became involved in Picasso Pro, an organization dedicated to facilitating opportunities for artists with disabilities and Deaf artists in performing and media arts, and performed in live artworks since 2010: Talking Movement (dancer); Withered Tree; (choreographer and dancer); and Perceptions; (choreographer and dancer). She also performed in a short dance film, Perceptions (2015). When she’s not teaching, studying, researching, or dancing, Rouse enjoys travelling, drawing, writing, nature walks, and reading.

Cindy Baker
Based out of Lethbridge and Edmonton, Alberta, Cindy Baker’s practice is informed by a commitment to ethical community engagement and critical social inquiry, drawing from queer, gender, race, disability, fat, and art theories. She has exhibited and performed across Canada and internationally, including in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, St Louis, and Finland, and is represented by Dc3 Projects in Edmonton.

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