Deaf, what?

Deaf, what?

Sage Willow with Alice Lo
Exhibition Dates: January 18 – February 17, 2018
Opening Reception: January 18, 2018, 6-8pm
Location: Tangled Art Gallery S-122, 401 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON


About the Exhibition:
Deaf, what? is an exciting multimedia exhibit developed by Toronto-based artist Sage Willow in collaboration with photographer Alice Lo that highlights the experiences and contributions of activists, change makers and everyday people who identify within the Deaf spectrum – as having some degree of deafness. Filling Tangled Art Gallery with 50 portraits of individuals from across the country and interviews documenting their travels, these artists want to draw attention to the multitude of Deaf folk whose legacies continue to be ignored.

“The history of Canada’s treatment towards Deaf people includes acts of audism spanning more than a couple of centuries. It’s time for more visibility, awareness, and recognition. We are inviting you to explore our lives through our intersectional experiences in “Deaf, what?” – Sage Willow

As part of this project’s development, award-winning Canadian photographer Zun Lee will be serving as advisor.

Sage Willow
Sage Willow is a multidisciplinary queer nonbinary Deaf artist and educator from Toronto, Ontario. Aside from their community work, they also provide performance interpreting in ASL for the local Deaf community; incorporating their passions of film, languages, theatre and accessibility into pieces of art. Sage also founded Deaf Spectrum, a collective aimed to promote the increase in usage of American Sign Language in order to make community spaces more accessible and inclusive.

Alice Lo
Born in Indonesia and raised in Toronto, Alice Lo grew up surrounded by photography and art. She is privileged to have an intuitive eye for colours, tones, textures, and shapes. Alice is attuned to her various environments and situations and likes to express her sense through her work. Alice has a love for photography that runs in her blood. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor in Visual Media, with a focus in photography.

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Deaf, What?: Portrait of Natasha by Alice Lo

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