Season 2016 - 2017

The opening of Tangled Art Gallery (TAG) is culturally momentous, signifying that disability arts is a permanent and essential component of the Toronto arts sector. Equally as significant is the role that TAG will have in the disability community by facilitating the coming together of a wide range of disability experiences through the richly diverse work that is exhibited here and accessible, multi-sensorial way that the artwork is presented. with TAG exhibits will undoubtedly expand all of our cultural understanding of disability and increase our appreciation of disability arts.

The artists exhibiting at TAG in our opening season are truly representative of the range of excellence within disability arts in Canada. In this season’s program, TAG audiences will encounter textile work, painting, performance art, media arts, and multi-sensorial installations. The season explores the intersections between disability and race, madness, Indigenous culture amd aging, engendering our commitment to representing a multiplicity of disability experiences.

We are working to constantly expand the meaning of accessibility in arts by presenting work using accessible curatorial practices such as offering tactile art, audio descriptions and relaxed gallery hours, and having exhibitions curated by people with disabilities. Equally important to us is that all of TAG programming be free, open to the public, and a comfortable space for everyone to engage with art in new and exciting ways. We invite you to experience our exhibits, join us for artist talks and openings, and help us create a more inclusive and accessible arts ecology in the city and beyond.

Thanks for you support!

Eliza Chandler
Artistic Director

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