Body Language

Body Language

In addition to 2007 exhibit Connections 3: Exposed, Abilities Arts Festival hosted BODY LANGUAGE, an outstanding photographic exhibit which artfully depicted the theme on sensuality, sexuality and disability. Connections 3: Exposed, exhibited three acclaimed works: Perfect/ Imperfect by Rasso Bruckert of Mauer, Germany; Intimate Encounters by Belinda Mason-Lovering of North Sydney, Australia; and Access Sex by Kyla Harris and Sarah Murray of Vancouver, Canada.

Rasso Bruckert

Nudity allows all stigmatizing elements to be dismissed in one’s mind. Artificial limbs, aids and wheelchairs disappear or recede to the background. Even clothes can no longer detract from the person. The disability is only perceived when taking a second look. In this way, Perfect/Imperfectseeks to grip and intrigue the viewer so that the sense of beauty, strength and self-confidence of the subject shines through.

“Nude photography of physically disabled people is provoking. It conflicts with the image society has of people with disabilities as helpless, ugly and pitiable humans.” So says Rasso Bruckert, the creator and photographer of Perfect/Imperfect. “The intent of these photographs is to provoke a positive reaction: to cause an ‘aha effect’. Perhaps then, perceptions about disabled people will begin to change.”

Click here to view selected works from the Perfect/Imperfect exhibit.

perfect imperfect image 2
perfect imperfect image 1

Belinda Mason-Lovering

The uncharted territory of sexuality and disability is the subject of a stunning and controversial photographic exhibition – Intimate ENCOUNTERS – by Australian photographer, Belinda Mason-Lovering.

Featuring people who worked closely with Mason-Lovering to provide an intimate insight into their own personality & sexuality, Intimate ENCOUNTERS challenges head-on society’s unspoken preconceptions towards people with disabilities.

Whether the subjects’ disabilities be physical or intellectual; psychiatric or neurological; whether they are Paralympians or Professors – the message is the same: people with disabilities possess sexual impulses just as vibrant and colourful as the next person.

Click here to view selected works from the Intimate ENCOUNTERS exhibit.

Kyla Harris & Sarah Murray

Sex is a vital part of our existence yet at times it remains a taboo subject. Disability is also something that many Canadians do not talk about. Combine sex and disability and there is discord and contradiction. So says Kyla Harris, subject and collaborator of Access Sex.

Harris, in describing her rationale for collaborating in this exhibit, states: “People with disabilities are usually seen as asexual and there are few examples in the media to contradict this perception. In many cases disabled people are typecast in film and the media as estranged victims, hospitalized seniors and extras that provide an institutional atmosphere.”

Access Sex is a photographic collaboration that focuses on one woman’s exploration of her disability in relation to sexuality. Through this exploration, the intent is to begin to change perceptions about disabled people.

Click here to view selected works from the ACCESS SEX exhibit.

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