Current Exhibitions:

Relative Gradient by Vanessa Dion Fletcher. A large, thin circle is made of porcupine quills folded back and forth in a zigzag pattern.


On at Tangled from September 17 – October 29, 2021
On at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery from September 18, 2021 – February 13, 2022

Undeliverable is a continuation of artist Carmen Papalia’s curatorial practice. Envisioning curation as a form of care, the exhibition brings together six artists from the Mad, Deaf and disability community, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Chandra Melting Tallow, Jessica Karuhanga, jes sachse, Aislinn Thomas, and Carmen Papalia with Heather Kai-Smith, re-envisioning the museum around the demands and desires of the disabled body/mind. Presented across two spaces – Tangled Art + Disability and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery – the exhibition features ambitious new work that challenges institutional structures and centres mutual accountability.

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Upcoming Exhibitions:

Thaumaturgy Image by Danielle Hyde


Through the art and science of ‘wonder-working’, Sagatay generates an immersive and participatory call to action to fight for the future of our planet’s well being. Animated through the respective artforms of 4 Indigenous Disabled artists, the 4 Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water meet at a juncture to story ceremony and sacred space for feeling and healing. Tobacco, Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass work to resist the formalities of a gallery, giving way to living tableaus that tie together the 4 elemental installations.

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Past Exhibitions:

cousins at cap bon ami


September 3 – October 25, 2019

Ancestral Mindscapes is an autobiographical collaboration using video, sound and photography to explore the intersection of madness, indigeneity, colonialism, environmental destruction and the healing power of nature.

Ancestral Mindscapes is a collaboration between Rick Miller, who self-identifies as a Mad artist in discovery of his Indigenous ancestry; Jules Koostachin, a Cree artist and academic; and Geneviève Thibault, a Gaspésienne photographer.

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A photo of an individual in Laura Shintani's Bodywashi!


May 3 – June 15, 2019

Acceptance of change and change through acceptance—Fault Lines explores processes emblematic of observant insight and growth gained from conditions of challenge and disruption. It approaches disturbance with openness and optimism, and challenges the problematic and commonly accepted ideas about disability and aesthetics. Fault Lines honours how these nuanced investigations of brokenness reconcile in relation to the unique formation of identities, experiences, and ways of being.

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A photograph of Michel Dumont's piece: Indian Day School


March 8 – April 19, 2019

Outliers on Tour is bringing the outsiders in. Stemming from Tangled Art + Disability’s Tangled on Tour program that ran from 2014 to 2017, this exhibition invites Disability-identified artists from across Ontario to consider how the city has been built and constructed as a concept by those on the periphery. This exhibition is part of Myseum Intersections, Revisionist Toronto, a festival of collaborative exhibits, events, workshops, and tours exploring  intersectional perspectives of Toronto.

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January 24 – February 23, 2019

Retino-blastoma, monocular tunnel-vision, extreme light-sensitivity, floaters, flashers, blepharitis, capsular opacification… Through a Tired Eye is Bruce Horak’s interpretation of how he sees the world. Using acrylic, oil, canvas, sculpture, sound, and light, Horak moves art off the wall and into the space for an immersive, tactile experience. The portraits and landscapes give the viewer a unique experience of the world as the artist sees them. They can be felt and heard in a new and dynamic way.

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A large square image filled with pixelated colours ranging in colour. The colours are randomly placed, making each stand out next to the following image. The colours of the pixels are red, pink, orange, blue and white. The blues range in shades, starting with a dark blue and moving down into an almost white.FLOURISHING: SOMEHOW WE STAY ATTUNED

September 7 – October 19, 2018

As our understandings of disability shift, we must consider how our definitions of the surrounding world must also shift. FLOURISHING: SOMEHOW WE STAY ATTUNED evokes new dynamics of the disabled experience in its attempts to re-world the narratives of non-normative futures of embodiment.


A photograph of a large window covered by a sheer curtain. The curtain is flowy and white, sticking to the lower part of the window and letting the light from the other side come in. The walls surrounding the window are a soft orange colour, and a small table with miscellaneous items can be seen on the lower left of the image.THREE WINDOWS: FLOURISHING

October 11 – October 21, 2018

Aislinn Thomas’ THREE WINDOWS seeks to playfully reclaim domestic space as a site of imagination and possibility. For this exhibition, she creates a video installation from footage taken of three windows in her apartment. She thinks of windows as thresholds between domestic space and the rest of the world, a site of permeability, exchange and chance.


A painting of 9 eyes arranged in a grid.


November 2 – December 19, 2018

SOMEWHERE WE STAY AUTHENTIC offers glimpses into efforts to navigate potentially overwhelming terrain, negotiating  versions of landscapes in which we are able to thrive. We can never truly escape our past, but perhaps in looking honestly at who and where we are, we open ourselves up to the potential of creating of what will be.


A square image of a silhouetted figure on a peach coloured background. The figure sits in the center of the peach coloured circle reaching up with their left hand. They look off into the upper left corner of the image, standing with their back strait. The circle behind them is divided up with the silhouette of branches growing from the bottom of the image and cutting up through the piece.MAD ONES: FLOURISHING

November, 2018

MAD ONES is a new theatrical script written by writer/actor/poet Laura Burke.  Burke was awarded creation and dramaturgy funding from Arts Nova Scotia for the development of a piece under the same name in 2016.


My Head Lay on a Trusty Word   (April 19 – May 19, 2018)
The Maze Project & A Distant Memory 2   (March 1 – March 24, 2018)
Deaf, what?   (January 18 – February 17, 2018)
Home: Body   (December 7 – December 16, 2017)
Salt of the Earth   (October 26 – November 25, 2017)
Progress is a Spiral Upward (September 7 – October 14, 2017)

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