FLUX: A Motion Workshop for Wheelchair Users

Peggy Baker Dance Projects & Tangled Art + Disability
Saturday, February 28 from 1PM – 4 PM (doors open at 12:30 PM)
245 Church St. (George Vari Engineering & Computing Centre, Ryerson University)

Free of charge!
RSVP: [email protected]

About the Workshop
Led by choreographer Peggy Baker and choreographer/programmer Jacob Niedzwiecki, this workshop will have two parts: each roughly 90 minutes, with a break in between.

Part One: Participants will collaborate in a group session based on choreographer Peggy Baker’s Flux: simple guidelines for moving through space that create spontaneous, ever-evolving, and gloriously eventful group choreography.
Part Two: Based on the framework of Flux, participants will help us devise new motion patterns designed specifically for the unique possibilities of wheelchair users.

Why are we doing this?
We are developing an all-ages, all-abilities participatory performance event called FluxDeluxe, which will be launched late in 2015. What we learn in this workshop will help inform our accessible choreography for future presentations of FluxDeluxe.

Who are we?
FluxDeluxe is being choreographed by Peggy Baker.
It will be powered by a smartphone app developed by Jacob Niedzwiecki.

Why should you join us?
– for the pleasure and satisfaction of moving as a group
– to contribute your creative energy to the development of accessible choreography

Some comments from participants in past Flux workshops:
“Peggy made me, a non-dancer, feel like I could dance and made it safe and joyful to connect with a roomful of strangers through movement.”
“The workshop was a joy to be part of. I felt comfortable and yet it was challenging. I couldn’t stop smiling.”