Film Forum Youth Matinee

Saturday, October 10th, 2009 – 3:00pm
Innis Town Hall (St. George Campus of the University of Toronto)
2 Sussex Avenue
Toronto, Ontario,
M5S 1J5 Canada

New for 2009: The Abilities Arts Festival introduced the Forum Youth Matinee Film that screened featured films written, produced, directed, or starred artists with disabilities. Following the afternoon screening, Abilities Arts Festival hosted a networking/social event for all attendees.

All workshops will take place at the Carlton Cinema: 20 Carlton Street, Toronto.


Written and directed by David McIlvride
Produced by David McIlvride and Alison Love

Sledhead is the story of a group of men who are determine to prove they are the world’s best disabled hockey team. They plan an aggressive game in which players sit in titanium sleds, smashing into each other while firing hard rubber pucks 80mph. Propelled by sticks with sharp picks on the end the game is fast-paced with non-stop action. It’s a story about men who know they are disabled, but refuse to be categorized as helpless and pitied. Their stories are inspiring and sometimes tragic, but they go through life with dignity, perseverance and press on against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Urban Myth

Directed by Ewan Marshall

Max has always had feelings for Nicki but because of his disability has never approached her. When he bumps into her years later, he realizes that there are a few hours remaining for him to grab his second chance of making love to the woman of his dreams, before she leaves on a plane for New York in the morning.
A question and answer session with Paul Rosen and Billy Bridges, two of the members of the remarkable sledge hockey team from Sledhead, followed the screening.