Short Films Exploring Disability and Difference
Thursday March 17
2 -4 PM
Bata Film Library
SWB BL 103, Bata Library
Trent University

CRIPCUTS: Short Films Exploring Disability and Difference

For the first time in Peterborough, a showcase of short films by filmmakers with disabilities will be screened at Trent University, entitled CRIPCUTS. Presented by Tangled Art + Disability in collaboration with The Electric City Culture Council and ReFrame Film Festival, with community partners Trent Accessibility Services and Trent Active Minds, CRIPCUTS highlights films from across the globe exploring themes of discrimination, institutionalization, accessibility, mental health, and why it’s okay to own many, many cats.

The filmmakers, and content of the films span across experiences of disability, race culture, gender, sexuality, and nationality, as CRIPCUTS: Short Films Exploring Disability and Difference is as diverse as the global disability community itself.

Highlighting the short films of Cripcuts:

Samrat B
12 mins

In June 2010, Word Sound Power visited Jabbar village, Mansa, Punjab and collaborated with Bant Singh, an iconic Dalit Sikh singer, CPI-ML party member, and Mazdoor Mukti Morcha activist. Despite a savage attack in 2006 that cost him his limbs, Bant Singh continues to organize poor laborers and inspire many with songs of rebellion. A music album was released in January 2011 and a remix compilation featuring Dr. Das, Subatomic Sound System, Nucleya, and Dubblestandart was released in March 2011.

still image from word, sound and power

Lorna Boschman
25 mins

Is based on a unique and powerful art show created by 28 survivors of institutions who worked in collaboration with artist Persimmon Blackbridge. Through a rich tapestry of images and spoken memories, the video eloquently presents the case against institutionalization while providing a remarkable testament to courage, endurance, dignity and creativity.

still image inside/out

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