Cripping the Arts

Cripping the Arts brought together artists, academics, curators, arts council officers, and community members invested in Deaf and Disability Arts and culture. This symposium was organized around two main themes—Accessible arts practices and Deaf and Disability aesthetics— and culminated with summary notes offered by a symposium discussant. read more

Conversations with Strange Beauty: Steve Kean

Body image remains a relevant topic in many different contexts. “Front to Back” focuses on the context of disability. Spina Bifida often results in the necessity of using a wheelchair. People look down on us literally and figuratively. We have historically suffered great indignity, even for sake of medical education. Being the subject of treatment and learning is an experience many of us share.

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Conversations with Strange Beauty: Mark Brose

My work in metal is about question and perception and story. It’s about metaphor and self-portrait. It’s about laughter and surprise and pain; the contrast of precious and non-precious. Is any material, or person, more valuable than another? Can a coloured elastic replace a ‘precious’ gem? Should it? What does a suspended piece of steel attracted to a magnet mean? What does it mean when the commitment breaks? Is it appropriate to ask questions in jewellery? Or valuable? read more