Lieutenant Governor's Exhibit

May 2009 – January 2010

It was with much appreciation and delight that the Board of Directors of Abilities Arts Festival accepted the invitation of the Honourable David C. Onley to organize and present an exhibition by artists with disabilities in the Lieutenant Governor’s Official Suite in The Ontario Legislative Building.
With this exhibition, Abilities Arts Festival continued its 6-year history of showcasing the excellent work being done by artists with disabilities.

This exhibition of works by 16 selected artists from across Ontario supported the belief that art and culture can be used as vehicles for seeing the world from different perspectives and acted as a means of eliminating the attitudinal and physical barriers that prevent society from experiencing the full spectrum of creative talents.

Participating Artists
Michelle Amerie
Simona Atzori
Rebecca Beayni
Kaitrin Beechey
Sandy Brand
Chris DeLuca
Christy Fedirchuk
Marjorie Francoz
Stephen Kean
Matt Nightingale
Bhawani Prashad
Hazel Self
Gabrielle Sims
Benjamin Sloetjes
Ryan Thomson