I’m Sorry Toronto. Really, I am.

A blackout drunk from the past is impossibly remembered.

A New Podplay by Jan Derbyshire
Featuring Photography by Kathy Toth and Steve Kean
Original Sound Design by Dana Ayotte

Jan Derbyshire (Artistic Coordinator/Writer)
Recent plays include Turkey in the Woods, Queer Arts Festival Vancouver 2012; Dog of your Understanding, Neworld Theatre 2011; Funny in the Head, Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival 2011 and the Cultural Olympiad Vancouver 2010; Under the Big Top, Quest Theatre in Calgary 2010, and a Short Film Sanity for Beginners, WAM Festival and Out on Screen 2012. Jan has been artist in Residence at the National Film Board of Canada, Firehall Arts Centre and the Montreal Playwright’s Workshop. She is currently an associate artist with the PTC and Screaming Weenies. She has performed Stand up Comedy for Yuk Yuks, A&E, CBC and at The People’s Comedy Festival. Upcoming work – Stood at the Push Festival 2013 and Impulse 42, for the Pan Am Para Games 2015.

Kathy Toth (Photographer)
Kathy Toth is from Toronto, Canada and studied Philosophy, Ethics and Psychology at York University. Kathy became involved with photography after years of being a realist painter. Kathy currently maintains an artistic practice of abstract painting, photography and multimedia. Since 2004 most of her work has examined the changing cultural, social and economic landscape with a particular focus on the ground effects of the built environment and its intersection with culture.

Dana Ayotte (Composer/Sound Designer)
Dana Ayotte is a musician, composer, visual artist and engineer with several years of classical piano training. She has written, performed and recorded music with a number of bands in Vancouver, BC. These days Dana creates sound design and composes original soundtrack for film and theatre and is very excited to be a part of the Abilities Arts Festival and the Queen Street Cartography project!