Kat Germain 

Kat Germain Portrait of Kat Germain,

Location: Toronto, ON / Halifax, NS
Method of contact: [email protected]
Rates: Sliding scale, please email for quote.
Available work methods: In-person, remote

Kat has over 25 years of teaching experience, is Ontario College of Teachers certified and has worked in diverse classrooms with the Toronto District School Board since 2001. She teaches almost exclusively in Intensive Support Programs for children who are neurodiverse. She was a Core Advisor for Picasso Pro and has supported/ facilitated workshops with artists who were Deaf or have disabilities since 2006. She is currently the Access Advisor for the Wee Festival of Theatre and Culture for Early Years and trained as an Access Activator in 2020.

Kat has been encouraging and advocating for the hiring of consultants and partners from the communities RP serves since organisations began offering the service: “Nothing About Us, Without Us”. www.katgermain.com


Areas of expertise (as it relates to RP):

  • Event Production
  • Consultation
  • Mentor/training

Services provided (as it relates to RP):

  • Early Steps
  • Plan Development 
  • Implementation
  • Consultation
  • Documentation in Plain Language 
  • Social Stories
  • Site/ Website Audit
  • Relaxed Performance training