Jessica Watkin

Jessica WatkinBlack and white portrait of Jessica Watkin

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Method of contact: [email protected]
*Rates: Disabled artists/orgs: email for quote.*
*Available work methods: During any stage of pandemic, available by email (text), zoom (video), or cell (phone call).

Jessica Watkin is a Blind PhD Candidate and Artist at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. Her research focuses on Disabled artists and their creation processes, support systems, and Disability Dramaturgy. She is a Disability Dramaturg and Access Consultant.

Areas of expertise (as it relates to RP):

  • Cultural competency, 
  • Disability Justice, 
  • Dramaturgy/integration of RP and access in-production

Services provided (as it relates to RP):

  • Access consultation
  • Audio Describer consulting/dramaturgy
  • Disability Dramaturgy (for Disabled artists)
  • Relaxed Performance training 

* At this point, Jessica is only accepting inquiries for this kind of work from Disabled artists or organizations.