Cara Eastcott

Cara EastcottPortrait of Cara Eastcott

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Method of contact: [email protected] 
Rates: Please email for quote.
Available work methods: In-person or remote (phone, Zoom)

Cara Eastcott is a Toronto-based freelance organizer and creative producer. Taught and informed by the organizing work of disability justice movements and the artistic impact of political arts movements; Cara is interested in building accessible spaces that preserve and push forward stories through arts and culture. She has held multiple leadership positions at Tangled Art +Disability and served on the Board of Directors/was Chair of the Community Arts Committee for the Toronto Arts Council. Currently, Cara is collaborating with several artists, culture workers and communities to develop long term, sustainable culture plans.

Areas of expertise (as it relates to RP):

  • Creating accessible arts spaces
  • Ideas informing accessibility: social model of disability, disability rights, disability justice, understanding of outreach  

Services provided (as it relates to RP):

  • Facilitation of Relaxed Performance training
  • Relaxed Performance consultation