Access Activator Relaxed Performance Materials

Access Activator RP Materials:

On this page you will find British Council and Tangled Art+Disability’s RP training material, as well as the RP report from Bodies in Translation. This information is free to use, though we ask that you please credit appropriately if sharing publicly.



RP Training Overview:

Day 1 – what does it cover?

Day 2 – what does it cover?

Day 3 – what does it cover?

Access Activator RP Training Materials (English and French):


The following materials were originally created by Include Arts (UK) for British Council and Tangled Art+Disability in 2017. They were translated into French (QC) in 2020. These materials are meant to be used as guidelines and are intended to be adapted and updated as required.


Relaxed Performance Training Materials:

    • [LINK TO DOWNLOAD] Day 1 – The Foundation (FR/EN)
      •  Powerpoint slides, speaking notes, handouts, videos, articles
    • [LINK TO DOWNLOAD] Day 2 – Getting the Word Out (FR/EN)
      •  Powerpoint slides, speaking notes, handouts
    • [LINK TO DOWNLOAD] Day 3 – Opening the Doors (FR/EN)
      •  Powerpoint slides, speaking notes, handouts, ADA document


RP Report and Booklet

In collaboration with Bodies In Translation, the British Council commissioned a report on its past and existing Relaxed Performance (RP) programming. The intention behind this was to evaluate the effectiveness and long-term sustainability of these training initiatives, as well as to determine whether or not the program was informed by the contemporary needs and viewpoints of the community that Relaxed Performance seeks to meet. 

  • [LINK TO DOWNLOAD] RP Report Booklet (FR/EN)