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Visiting Artist Jan Derbyshire has Arrived!

Visiting Artist Jan Derbyshire

Visiting Artist Jan Derbyshire















We are happy to welcome Jan Derbyshire to Toronto. Jan is one of our featured artists at this year’s Festival and will be involved in a number of events.

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  • MIX Media Festival will feature Jan’s short film Sanity for Beginners in the Art & Life, Life as Art Screening on Sunday, September 23rd at 7pm.
  • Jan will be one of four artists leading the Making it Happen: From the Sketch to the Screen workshop on Sunday, September 23rd from 1-5pm.
  • Jan is the Artistic Coordinator of A Queen Street Cartography and will be leading the entire Nuit Blanche event.
  • A Queen Street Cartography and The Listening Post will both include Jan’s podplay I’m Sorry Toronto. Really, I am.
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Want to learn more about Jan? Of course you do!

Here are some things to check out:

Jan’s website is full of great reading.

Jan was named one of the city of Vancouver’s 2012 Remarkable Women. Check out her poster!

Jan Derbyshire talks Sanity for Beginners, an article from GayVancouver.Net

Jan Derbyshire talks turkey about the queer arts, an article from the Vancouver Sun

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