The Listening Post is now available for downloading!

Podplays go Public

Of Chestnuts and Crossroads Photo by Steve Kean

Photo by Steve Kean

Congratulations to all of the artists/storytellers involved in The Listening Post. We had an exciting launch on September 30th and a busy Nuit Blanche event. Needless to say, A Queen Street Catography was turning some heads/ears/eyes/bodies towards disability arts in Toronto.

The podplays continue to be available for download on our website for DIY podplay walks in the city. Each podplay has a webpage with artist bios, links to download the mp3 files and maps to show you where to begin.

What is a “podplay”?

Pod – as in ipod

Play – as in theatre/performance

The Listening Post consists of 4 podplays, first person narratives that take place on and around Queen Street. Using a listening device such as an ipod, smartphone or mp3 player, audience members are guided by each writer through the landscape in which their personal stories take place. The art form is cinematic and incredibly empathetic – achieving one of the most difficult and significant aspects of any piece of art: the challenge of experiencing and empathizing with another person’s perspective.