Conversations with Strange Beauty: Mark Brose

My work in metal is about question and perception and story. It’s about metaphor and self-portrait. It’s about laughter and surprise and pain; the contrast of precious and non-precious. Is any material, or person, more valuable than another? Can a coloured elastic replace a ‘precious’ gem? Should it? What does a suspended piece of steel attracted to a magnet mean? What does it mean when the commitment breaks? Is it appropriate to ask questions in jewellery? Or valuable? read more

Conversations with Strange Beauty: Carrie Perreault

Impossible Conversations comes from the idea that sometimes you want to have a conversation with someone but you’re so scared the words won’t come out right, or they’ll misinterpret your intent, or they won’t hear you the way you want to be heard. And sometimes when you’re playing this conversation over in your head, you want the other person to say certain things – to reply in a certain way, so that you can forward the conversation in a particular direction. read more

Conversations with Strange Beauty: jes sachse

Freedom Tube is a work in progress, developed in its exploratory form during (and courtesy of) the inaugural Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands. For me, my queerness enters my art through my grotesque body; being queer has always been about more than sexuality, it is about embodying a retaliation from the structures in place around us. As a visibly disabled artist, I am in constant conversation with what it means to inhabit a freak body. Through a combination of digital and tactile media I aim to reveal that in order to destroy Disability; the ever-ubiquitous denial that all life is in constant oscillation between decay and renewal, disability as culture must itself be seen. read more

Conversations with Strange Beauty: Janna Brown

Still Echoes Resound, is inspired by my lived experience but dwells in the echoes—the stories that have become a story. Working in abstract and representational forms using textile pieces rendered on leather and fragments of a childhood quilt, mixed-media, poetry, audio and moving images, I use my body as an artifact—sharing tender confirmations from hollows of loss. My process began with a longing for that irretrievable something while exploring concepts of time, body, trauma, and unfolding of memory. read more

Conversations with Strange Beauty: Geoffrey McMurchy

It would be understatement to say that breaking my spinal cord was the most life-changing event of my existence. Though not superstitious, I find it interesting that the accident happened on the 27th day of the 7th month in 1977. Rehabilitation was like growing up all over again, learning everything from sitting up without falling over, to getting dressed, to writing and drawing. Corrections takes me back to learning how to write and draw the first time around (aged seven). My teacher’s insistence that I do it again may have helped the printing, but didn’t do a thing for the drawing! read more