Krip-Hop Nation: Toronto

Hosted by Krip-Hop Nation founder and Berkeley, CA native Leroy F. Moore Jr., Tangled Arts Festival kicks off with Canada’s first Krip-Hop event featuring hip-hop artists with disabilities. Headlining the show will be Cleveland Heights’ alternative hip hop duo Deacon Burns and Kaya Rogue, known to the music industry as Kounterclockwise. And Rob Da’ Noize Temple has just been added to the set!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014 @ 8:00 PM

Oakham House, Ryerson University (63 Gould St. Toronto, ON)

$10 General Admission/$5 Students/PWD

Our Krip-Hop Nation: Toronto performers were interviewed by Raz Mataz magazine!

Sneak preview! Outside the Lines mp3 by Kounterclockwise 

What is Krip-Hop?!

Krip-Hop Nation is a global movement of hip-hop artists with disabilities, founded by Leroy Moore. Since its inception, the movement has spread across the United States and beyond – from South Africa to New Zealand to Palestine. Krip-Hop is a community as well as style of music, an artistic space where youth with disabilities can speak out and speak back to the social structures that exclude people based on disability, race, sexuality, and a host of other marginalized identities. Krip-Hop Nation also strives to bring the talents of hip-hop artists with disabilities to the attention of a wider public, including media, educators, scholars, and journalists; and has developed a strong global online community to promote and disseminate the work of hip-hop by artists with disabilities.

Leroy F. Moore Jr.

Leroy F. Moore Jr.

“Today Hip-Hop artists with disabilities are all over the underground but haven’t had an activist platform to express their stories of discrimination in the underground and their experience of hitting the glass ceiling of the Hip-Hop industry. Krip-Hop Nation has never been about getting the “bling bling” of the entertainment industry… I really hope that with the growth of Krip-Hop Nation, we keep our strong mission in action to advocate and educate about the systemic discrimination and work of disabled musicians/Hip-Hop artists no matter what commercial success comes our way.”

-Leroy F. Moore Jr., Founder, Krip-Hop Nation

Meet Kounterclockwise

Deacon BurnsDeacon Burns (MC, Producer, Songwriter, Musician & Engineer)

In 2007, as the group was courted by several indie & major labels; fate took a wrong turn when Deacon had a tragic accident – breaking 5 vertebrae, several ribs, collapsed both lungs and had a hairline neck fracture. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis of both legs. As a true entertainer, Deacon decided that the show must go on no matter what. He spent his entire recovery time writing songs, accumulating an impressive catalogue of over 150. Deacon is a music aficionado whose influences vary from Nine Inch Nails to Ol’ Dirty Bastard. He plays multiple instruments (guitar, bass, ASR10 and a MPC 2000XL), is a gifted producer & songwriter, and even directs & edits videos.

Kaya RogueKaya Rogue (Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Engineer, Singer & Musician)

New York City’s Kaya Rogue also plays multiple instruments (guitar, bass, and keyboards), is a singer and assists Deacon in both music and video production. An entertaining part of the group’s live show is when the audience dresses up as different characters. Their concerts have been labeled as “visual art”. It’s been a long time coming for Kounterclockwise to release their debut album, “Daylight Savings Time.”

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 Kounterclockwise mp3s

Moonwalk from Daylight Savings Time 

Hide and Seek from Daylight Savings Time 

Music Video – Kounterclockwise “Open”

Rob Da’ Noize Temple

Rob Da' Noize TempleRob Da’ Noize Temple is a music producer, songwriter, artists and keyboardist, and has been in the music industry for over 40 years. He has been playing keyboards since he was six years old and although he has Erbs Palsy, having just the use of one hand, he has never stopped trying to achieve his dreams.  As part of the group Conway & Temple, Rob was the first artist signed to Jive Records back in 1986 with the labels first single, “Love Lights /  You Can Lay Your Head On my Shoulder” becoming a European hit.  He hascontinued producing music since 1980 as well as performing in live bands.  Rob is currently music director, keyboardist and back-up DJ for the pioneers of Hip Hop, Rapper’s Delight featuring Wonder Mike & Master Gee  and  has just completed music production on their newly released documentary, “I Want My Name Back”.

Rob Da’ Noize Temple mp3s

Pushing Limits

Fly – Temple Dynasty