Innoversity Creative Summit 2013 – Scholarships, News and Media Opportunity

Call for Participants

The Innoversity Creative Summit this year is providing three opportunities for people with disabilities who are seriously interested in exploring participation in the media and to do the work of storytelling in the next generations. There are a number of scholarships and supporting activities for people with disabilities to participate in, and opportunity to learn about creating truly representative pictures and stories about the real lives lived by people with disabilities. These include the following:

(1) “Pitch Competition” sessions and the award of over $100k funding to producers and storytellers. (Has an April 25 deadline for submissions) [see attached description in Innoversity Summit Pitch Competition 2013 PDF and text]

(2) Mentorships for one week during the summer, alongside an experienced producer to see what goes on behind and in front of the camera to get a better sense of what media work and accurate portrayal consists.

(3) Conference observer status – 8-10 fully-paid scholarships to attend Innoversity Creative Summit 2013 presentations. Have a look at this link for some sense of what will be going on:

Have a look at

One highly relevant session will be how to fund a revival video series, The New Disability Network on-line.

In terms of observer status or mentorships working alongside a professional producer, please send a short paragraph explaining your interest in the media and what you might like to do as a media professional. Send your submission by May 15 to


Please read on….

The Innoversity Creative Summit is an annual two-day event. It is associated with Innoversity, an organization that has been active in bringing together members of diverse communities and has worked to create opportunities for cultural minorities, Aboriginal and disabled Canadians to actively engage in, and be accurately reflected in/on mainstream media.

Innoversity has focussed on key societal sectors and institutions and in particular the mass media.  Innoversity Creative Summit over more than a decade has involved showcasing best practices of inclusion, enabling insight and providing access points between different groups of people, which inspires and sustains accessible, meaningful, social inclusion by bringing together key leaders and decision-makers and providing useful information and experiences.

That is to say, I am looking for people with disabilities who have a serious interest in bringing accurate information about the lives lived by people with disabilities to the Canadian publics. And of course I am thinking cross-disability, and “nothing about us without us.”

As you may remember, The Disability Network at CBC-TV sought to bring information about the lives and stories of people with disabilities in the 1990s and to correct stereotypes and present accurate portrayal of people with disabilities. An effort to revive DNET as The New Disability Network is currently underway.

Twenty-five years ago in 1988

“the Standing Committee on the Status of Disabled Persons studied issues related to the depiction of persons with disabilities by the media, as well as access to information and to means of communication. The committee concluded that the situation, at best, was uneven and, at worst, discriminatory.” (No news is bad news)

Today, we still struggle with many of the stereotypes and barriers in existence back then, although many stalwart have worked hard to focus on bringing forward accurate portrayal and participation of people with disabilities in various social places.

These days we need new people with disabilities to train and tell the living stories of people with disabilities and to join the forces seeking our full emancipation.

If you are interested to pursue exploration of the media as a place for your personal work and social contribution please write to me at