New Work


April 7 – June 30, 2017

Detail of Tiny Hooves, a video still by Deirdre Logue

Co-presented with Images Festival and Gallery 44, Tangled will host an exhibit of new work by Deirdre Logue. This exhibit, featuring tactile audio and video work, explores the themes of vulnerability, aging, and tenderness.

About the artist:
For the past 25 years, Deirdre Logue’s experimental film and video works have focused on the self as a subject. Using ‘performance for the camera’ as a primary mode of production, her self-portraits investigate what it means to be a queer body in the age of anxiety. Logue has produced upwards of 60 short works and several video art installations; Enlightened Nonsense (1997-2000), ten hand- processed works about childhood worries; Why Always Instead of Just Sometimes (2003-2007), twelve reflections on aging, breaking down and reparation; Id’s Its (2012), an ambitious suite of thirteen installations exploring the power of the abject; and Euphoria’s Hiccups (2013) an intentionally intense site specific work incorporating 20+ small video screens, still imagery, sound and psychoactive plants. Logue has also worked in collaboration with artist Allyson Mitchell to produce Hers Is Still A Dank Cave: Crawling Towards a Queer Horizon (2016) an experimental narrative video collage, green screen mash-up of lesbian ontology and queer utopia.

For more information about her work, visit Deirdre Logue’s website.