Season 2015 - 2016

Picking up on the momentum from last year, this is sure to be a phenomenal year for Tangled. Beginning with our outstanding theatre production, PUSH!, Tangled’s year-long program continues to cultivate Deaf and Disability Art in our own right across Ontario and bring our artists to a number of festivals and platforms throughout contemporary arts and culture scenes. read more


Sex is a vital part of our existence yet it remains a taboo subject in society. Disability is also something that the courteous Canadian does not talk about. Combine sex and disability and contrast occurs... but why? Access-Sex is a photographic collaboration that’s focus is on one woman’s exploration of her disability in relation to sexuality. read more

Body Language

In addition to 2007 exhibit Connections 3: Exposed, Abilities Arts Festival hosted BODY LANGUAGE, an outstanding photographic exhibit which artfully depicted the theme on sensuality, sexuality and disability. Connections 3: Exposed, exhibited three acclaimed works: Perfect/ Imperfect by Rasso Bruckert of Mauer, Germany; Intimate Encounters by Belinda Mason-Lovering of North Sydney, Australia; and Access Sex by Kyla Harris and Sarah Murray of Vancouver, Canada. read more