Constructed Identities

Constructed Identities, a major show of new work by Canadian artist Persimmon Blackbridge, was be the first exhibit held at the new TAG space. The pieces in the show helped the audience reshape understandings of disability, encountered disability artists who invigorate the art world, and interacted with inclusive technologies that reimagine how we experience art. read more

Season 2015 - 2016

Picking up on the momentum from last year, this is sure to be a phenomenal year for Tangled. Beginning with our outstanding theatre production, PUSH!, Tangled’s year-long program continues to cultivate Deaf and Disability Art in our own right across Ontario and bring our artists to a number of festivals and platforms throughout contemporary arts and culture scenes. read more


Sex is a vital part of our existence yet it remains a taboo subject in society. Disability is also something that the courteous Canadian does not talk about. Combine sex and disability and contrast occurs... but why? Access-Sex is a photographic collaboration that’s focus is on one woman’s exploration of her disability in relation to sexuality. read more

Body Language

In addition to 2007 exhibit Connections 3: Exposed, Abilities Arts Festival hosted BODY LANGUAGE, an outstanding photographic exhibit which artfully depicted the theme on sensuality, sexuality and disability. Connections 3: Exposed, exhibited three acclaimed works: Perfect/ Imperfect by Rasso Bruckert of Mauer, Germany; Intimate Encounters by Belinda Mason-Lovering of North Sydney, Australia; and Access Sex by Kyla Harris and Sarah Murray of Vancouver, Canada. read more