Canada Council Inter-Arts Consultation

Inter-Arts Office Consultation 2013

Be part of the conversation! Help us as we work to make the Inter-Arts Office programs better meet the needs of the inter-arts community. Take part in our online consultations from May 1 to July 30, 2013

This consultation will address 2 questions:

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  • The 1st is focused on our programs: How to make the Inter-Arts Office suite of programs more flexible, responsive, meaningful, impactful and measurable, especially its Grants to Organizations program?
  • The 2nd is open ended: What are some of the key issues and opportunities facing the inter-arts sector in the context of the changing environment?


3 ways to participate…

  1. Consultation on Inter-Arts Office: Grants to Organizations program
  2. Open Forum on the Changing Environment in the Inter-Arts Sector
  3. Email your private comments directly to
  • Online consultations: May 1 – July 30, 2013
  • Meetings with inter-arts organizations in regions across the country: Spring 2013 (summaries from these meetings will be posted online)
  • Key findings published: Fall 2013 (further opportunities for input will then be provided)
  • Program changes in effect: Fall 2014

To learn more about the consultation process read Inter-Arts Office Coordinator Claude Schryer’s Blog

All comments and ideas submitted will be available for viewing by the public on the Canada Council web site, will be moderated by Canada Council staff and are subject to a set of rules of engagement.

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