Alex Bulmer: writer, director, performer and ukulele diva

Alex Bulmer posing with her service dog.

It is so great to have you performing for us at Tangled Kids Fest! this year. You have an extensive portfolio of writing, performing and directing for theatre, radio, film and television. Have you ever performed in front of an audience of kids?

I have written for young people’s theatre for a number of UK theatre companies. As a performer I’ve done what might be called family shows, so kids included. This might be the most specifically kid oriented show I’ve done as a performer. It’s good practice in thinking about who the audience is and ensuring they are engaged. Sometimes, as writers or performers, we forget who we are communicating with.

When did you learn you wanted to be a performer?

Aged three. I created plays and bored my family by insisting they be the audience, riveted of course to every word.

Why did you pick the ukulele?

My mom played it. I joined a ukulele band here in Toronto called The Ukulele Ladies. Well, I suppose I co-formed the band since it was just me and two pals wandering the streets and singing in the summer months. Loved it.

The Kids Fest! is an exciting and rare opportunity for children with disabilities to get together and witness an eclectic range of internationally renowned artists with disabilities perform. As an artist with a disability, what would you say to a child who has a disability who is considering becoming an artist?

I think creativity is something everyone has, and can explore. The arts helped me express my experience of sight loss, and now is my vehicle to express my experience of living blind. Whether as a profession or a way of life, being an artist happens the moment we communicate ourselves and our thoughts and feelings beyond daily conversation. Be an artist, in your living room, on a street corner, in a theatre, gallery wherever. And I strongly recommend finding other disabled artists to help support you along the way.

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